The CALL OUT…. From Keyboard to Concrete!

THE CALL OUT starts online with good old-fashioned smack talk and plays out Live in front of thousands of ALL OUT Live fans. We’re currently accepting new racers to compete on our shows. We’re looking to highlight experienced dependable Outlaw and Grudge racers. Take a look at the schedule below and pick races you can attend and submit your information. If chosen you will be contacted by one of our staff.

Local Racers from tracks we’re going to this year! Got a Grudge against a buddy or shop? Submit your CALL OUT and you may be chosen to settle it on our show. Submit your video CALL OUT from the form below to enter. As we lock in Outlaw & Grudge racers for these events we will be accepting CALL OUTs against them as well.

* 2019 ALL OUT Live schedule.

South Carolina Motorplex- Neese, SC- April 12th-13th

Montgomery Motorsports Park - Montgomery, AL - May 3th -4th

Edgewater Motorsports Park - Cleeves, OH- May 31st - June 1st. (Keen Parts ALL OUT Shoot Out)

Atco Dragway - Atco, NJ- June 21st - 22nd (Import vs Domestic CALL OUT Special)

Lapeer Dragway - Lapeer, MI - August 10th-11th
(Woodward Dream Cruise Special & RPM Magazine’s 20th anniversary)

Houston Raceway Park - Houston, TX - October 4th-5th

South Carolina Motorplex- Neeses,SC- October 18th -19th
(The CALL OUT Special)

Florida - November - Track & Date TBD.

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Check Out These "CALL OUT’s"

Shannon Poole Rolls into SGMP Undefeated on "The CALL OUT".

"Wild Bill" Devine says he's going to Annihilate the Competition at SGMP!


Ryan Hall is taking "Roxxie" to South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Ken Jo Kelley says all you small tire racers in Georgia or Florida come to ALL OUT Live at South Georgia Motorsports Park on Oct. 12th & 13th and get your Ass Kicked by the "Worst Car Ever.

Shannon says it's gonna be like WW3 when he rolls into Canada straight from New Orleans!

It's an official CALL OUT and Derrick Travis says get used to the back end view of his "Silver Unit" Camaro and seeing your tan lines when he takes them sleeves!

George Rubistello and "Loose Screw" is coming for Florida & Georgia Racers! It's the first official "CALL OUT" to Georgia & Florida racers.

WILD BILL" Devine has put a "Bullseye" on Canada... It's a "CALL OUT"

Ron Gibbany "WHITE RHINO" Says everything is slow in Canada! R

It's Unicorn Time and Jason Lancaster has her all tuned up with a new Vortech Supercharger combo for all the Yankees!

Canada You've Been CALLED OUT!

It's another "CALL OUT" and George Rubistella Says Lose Screw Is Coming For the Outlaws!


BOOOOOM............... Canada fires back with a "CALL OUT" from Dave Mianowski!

Stan Mazur has Something to Say to USA racer Ryan Hall..it's a "CALL OUT"

Canadian Racer Phil Sampson Says his "Blue Brute" will Beat Up the "Roxxie" Camaro!

Even the Canadian Kids aren't scared of the USA Outlaws!

Mike Coppolino says he's done eating his chips and ready to take on "Roxxie"

Dean says he wants to take on Ron Gibbany's "White Rhino" but he may need some help from him first.....

Ryan Murphy says he's gonna put a GAP on Ron Gibbany's Hay Hauler with his 1980 Camaro King Korn!

Ian Hill's Mustang called "BOOGER" isn't the only thing that's gonna need a tissue when he sends Ryan Hall back to the states in tears.

Ontario Street Outlaws John Reid says bring on the White Rhino if Ron's got the Kahunas to hang with his small tire Mustang the "Mistress".

Dave from OSO says Shannon Poole better have enough or taillights will be his view!

Brandon Smith says all you LS powered vehicles come to Atco Dragway Aug 24th & 25th