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 Tech/Rules- Download & print here


  • Door cars & motorcycles only no dragsters.

  • Door Car Classes - 1/4 Mile events - ET 8.50-9.99 ET 10.00-10.99 ET 11.00-12.50. 1/8th Mile events - 5.40-6.39, 6.40-7.00 & 7.01-8.00.

  • A Minimum Vehicle count of 48 vehicles is required per class. If a minimum vehicle count is not met 10 days prior to event the class will be combined with another ET class to ensure close racing. Exception being the motorcycle class, some tracks insurance will not allow motorcycles to race with cars, in this case we will issue a full refund. If track allows motorcycles to race with cars the motorcycle driver simply needs to join a ET door car class when teching in on race day.

  • Your vehicle must pass the tracks sanctioning body’s rules to compete at your designated ET level. Track officials will check this during your on-site ALL OUT registration process. Please fill out any paperwork given to you at the gate prior to being called to registration/tech to speed up the process.

  • Racers must run ALL OUT in the time class registered for unless changed with an official at tech/registration area before any racing starts. All ET classes are run on a 1/4 mile format except "The Call Out" segment of the show.

  • Racers can run up to two paid registered classes if using a power adder such as nitrous. (You can only compete in one final group if chosen) The power adder must be able to be removed from the vehicle to run in a slower class. Boosted vehicles with adjustable controllers do not qualify to run two classes by changing settings to control ET. All final qualifiers are open for inspection and if power adder is detected in the vehicle. Variations of ET and MPH are checked and up to the racer will be disqualified. (Example: 11 second engine only & 10 second on nitrous.)

  • Racers must run “ALL OUT” every pass, racers are given up to 3 tenths ET improvement if determined by ALL OUT officials that track conditions and weather have changed enough to warrant such change. The bump will be announced before eliminations starts.

  • No Sandbaggers. If you’re chosen to compete in a final group and run quicker then your fastest qualifying time during eliminations (including up to the 3 tenths bump if mandated) you will be disqualified and eliminated from the competition. No refunds for racer registration will be given.

  • All qualifying and eliminations rounds will be started with an instant green light except for the ET class final round in which the two final racers can negotiate things like lane choice and type of start.

  • Drivers are responsible to listen for PA and radio announcements during the event for important announcements. Failure to follow instructions properly due to not hearing or paying attention falls on the driver or crew. If you miss or can't hear an announcement it's your responsibility to find an official and get the information. We can not wait for you and the show must move on, sorry no exceptions. Example: Missing a lane call for your class or final group.

  • Driver must start & finish with the same race vehicle (No substitutions unless approved by an AOL official)

  • No bracket racing style throttle controlled devices are allowed that delay launch or alter top end ET or MPH (mechanical or electronic) examples: throttle stops, cross overs, delays, etc. Any use will get you disqualified. Exceptions: Trans brakes, multi step ignition and factory installed launch controls are allowed for starting line use only. You don't have to remove them, just disconnect them before the race.

  • No antifreeze in vehicles; if you leak on track and it is determined to be antifreeze, you will be disqualified from competition and no more passes will be allowed. Use of products like Purple Ice, Water Wetter and Evans cooling is allowed.

  • Excessively leaking vehicles will be disqualified from the event, please do a complete check of your vehicle before pulling on to the race surface.

  • Your racer number and class ID must be visible on your side & rear window or your time will not be recorded for qualifying. If you’ve registered one vehicle for two classes, you will be given one number at tech, please inform tech of your dual registration. You must cover any existing car numbers on windows to avoid confusion during qualifying, only All Out designated number can appear.

  • This a No Tolerance event, arguing, fighting, drunkenness, abusive language towards any racer or official will get you ejected and no refunds will be given.

  • FINAL RULE: “HAVE FUN” If you’re not out to have a good time stay home!


  • Time and weather permitting we will have one test pass before qualifying starts followed by a mandatory drivers meeting in designated area, it's very important you listen to PA announcements during the event for time and location.

  • All ET or designated special classes will be called to lanes separately during qualifying and run on an "Instant Green" start. Example: “10-10.99 to lanes1 & 2”

  • If weather causes qualifying delays, final groups may be picked from a single pass. Fridays Test N Tune times as used to verify ET during the choosing process.

  • Groups of racers are chosen from each class to compete in the finals for cash and prizes utilizing the run data gathered during qualifying. (16 racers from each ET door car class and 32 racers from the single motorcycle class)

  • Reaction time, Consistency and Closest ET will be used to find finalists for each group. This ensures not only the tightest competition but rules out sand bagging and finds the best prepared competitors on property. Every pass counts!

  • After qualifying is complete, one more drivers meeting will called to announce the racers chosen to compete in the group finals. If chosen to compete drivers and crew must get back to there pits and prepare for the Hot Lap eliminations. Listen to PA announcements for your lane assignments. Please be ready to race when called, you will have a limited time to be in staging lanes or an alternate will be called to take your place. If you don't make the call in time you will be eliminated, its' you responsibility to listen for the call, NO EXCEPTIONS PERIOD!

ET/Group Eliminations

  • Each ET and motorcycle class will have 16 or 32 racers chosen to compete in an elimination group (vehicle count and time will dictate amount chosen)

  • Racers will compete in an "Instant Green" start Hot Lap style elimination. Meaning winners don’t go back to your pit, you come back to designated staging area.

  • Racers run in a Hot Lap format and must drive under their own power, no tow vehicles allowed in staging area.

  • Racers can have up to four pit crew in Hot Lap staging area to assist in cool down and repair in between rounds. (Tools and equipment are allowed but no tow vehicles)

ET/Group finale

  • Finalists will meet on the ALL OUT Stage to negotiate the final pass for cash and prizes in front of the ALL OUT fans. The final two racers run in a One and Done grand finale unless negotiated. When it’s all over the winner will be crowned their ET/class All Out Live Champion!

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