ALL OUT Racing Format and Rules

ALL OUT Racing Format and Rules




New 2021 - "ALL IN... ALL OUT" Racing- Rules/Format

  • Door cars and motorcycles only. Motorcycles race with cars when track allows the two to compete side by side.

  • 2 ALL OUT -1/8th Mile ET bracket-style Index classes.
    (Extreme 5.70-6.699, Muscle 6.70-7.70) $5,000 per class plus Prizes Guaranteed!!

  • Minimum Car Count Requirements: A minimum count of 48 vehicles per ET class is required for each class. Sign up online to lock in a class.

  • Your vehicle must pass the track’s sanctioning body’s rules to compete at your designated ET level. Track officials will check this during your on-site ALL OUT registration & tech. Please fill out any paperwork & Tech Cards given to you at the gate (Clear and legible) prior to being called to registration/tech to speed up the process.

  • All eliminations rounds except the "Final 16" will be started with an instant green start. Example: Once both cars have fully staged, the green light can be lit at any time. The amber lights are not active, watch the Green Bulbs.

  • The "Final 16" group of racers will be run off Rich Christensens ArmDrop.

  • Drivers and their crew are responsible to listen for PA and radio announcements during the event for important announcements. Failure to follow instructions properly due to not hearing or paying attention falls on the driver or crew. If you miss or can't hear an announcement it's your responsibility to find an official and get the information. Example: Missing a lane call for your class.

  • Driver must start & finish with the same race vehicle.

  • No Box style eliminations until the Final 16.

  • No bracket racing style throttle-controlled devices are allowed that delay launch or alter top end ET or MPH (mechanical or electronic). Examples: throttle stops, cross-overs, delays, etc. You don't have to remove them, just disconnect them before the race or zero them out. If determined you're using one of these devices during the race you will be disqualified from the
    Exceptions: Trans brakes, multi-step ignition and factory installed launch controls are allowed for starting line use only.

  • No Deep Staging during the competition.

  • If competitors can't agree on lane choice it will be determined by a coin flip. 

  • All runs during 16 car negotiated final runoff with Rich Christensen will be monitored by the ALL OUT staff. This is to determine if the competitor is sandbagging or utilizing power adders to gain an advantage. (Weather, temperature and negotiated car lengths change will be taken into consideration)

  • Make sure you go over every nut and bolt on your vehicle before the competition. This is a TV production and we have to stay on schedule to complete the show before the track’s curfew. If you leak fluids on the track you will be disqualified from the competition and no more passes will be allowed. Use of products like Purple Ice, Water Wetter and Evans cooling is recommended.

  • Your ALL OUT racer number must be visible on the tower side & front windows. Keep these visible or your time will not be recorded for qualifying. If you’ve paid for and registered one vehicle for two classes, you will be given one number at tech; please inform tech of your dual registration. You must cover any existing car numbers to avoid confusion during qualifying.

  • Any disputes will be adjudicated by the All Out Live event staff. We will do our best to be fair to all involved.

  • This a Kid-Friendly No Tolerance event - Arguing, fighting, drunkenness, abusive language towards any racer or official will get you ejected and banned for life from any future events. No exceptions - no refunds will be given.


RACE DAY FORMAT (ALL OUT ET Classes - Muscle & Extreme)


  • Time, weather and car count permitting we will have up to 2 Qualifying passes to determine the racers ALL OUT ET for the Day.

  • Run your car ALL OUT every pass during the qualifying. From your quickest qualifying ET we subtract 1 tenth for weather and track condition changes. This becomes your Permanent ET DIAL IN during the Instant Green Start portion of the PINKS ALL OUT elimination rounds. Example - Fastest ET during qualifying 1/8th 8.70 - (Dial for the Day 8.60 ET) 
  • After qualifying All Class changes can be made simply by joining the group that matches your qualifying ET. Once eliminations have started you cannot change classes.
  • All ET classes (Muscle, Extreme) will be called to lanes separately during the two qualifying passes and run on an "Instant Green" start. Example: “Muscle Class to lanes 1 & 2

ET/Group Eliminations

  • Listen for the ET Class you've chosen to compete in when lane assignments are called for eliminations.

  • During eliminations, all classes will start off on an "Instant Green" tree start, until the Final 16 competitors are left.

  • Make sure you listen for your elimination round calls. It's your responsibility to make the call to lanes. If you don't make it before we start the next round, you will be eliminated from the competition.

  • Eliminations rounds are run until we have a “Final 16” Group of Racers. In the case where we have an uneven number of racers at the end of qualifying, we will choose “Lucky Dogs”. We will choose a Lucky Dog racer/racers to advance to the “Final 16” from the last round of eliminations losers. The racer/racers with the closest ET to their qualified index moves on to the “Final 16”. These “Lucky Dog” racers will be announced over the tracks PA system.

    ET/Group Eliminations

  • Listen for Final 16 ET Class lane assignment and bring your ride and anything they need for the hot lap competition. No golf carts or tow vehicles are allowed in the hot lap cool down area during eliminations. Please be ready to race when called, It's your responsibility to listen for the call, no exceptions. If you’ve broke and cannot make the eliminations, please go to the tower and let an official know asap! The next in order “Lucky Dog” racer will be chosen compete in your place.

  • The 16 finalists will compete in a “Hot Lap” style elimination format. Meaning winners DON’T GO BACK to their pit, they come back to the designated "Northern Radiator Cool-Down Staging Area" upon winning each round.

  • Race cars must drive back to the staging Hot Lap staging area under their own power. No tow vehicles are allowed.

  • Racers can have up to four pit crew members in the hot lap staging area to assist in cool down and maintenance in between rounds. (Tools and equipment are allowed but no tow vehicles)

  • The driver and crew can start immediately to cool down the vehicle when they return to the Cool- Down staging area.

  • Once the last vehicle is back into the designated hot lap staging area the ALL OUT crew will evaluate the racers qualified ET and pair the closest competitors up.

  • Each pair of competitors will step into the "Pinks Circle" and negotiate a "One and Done" with Rich Christensen. Everything is negotiable within a 3 minute time period. Once the 3 Minutes is up the racers must have the race worked out or the ALL Out Crew will set the final race parameters. No exceptions period.

    ET/Group Final Pair

  • Host Brian Bossone will hand each competitor $2,500 a piece. This cash will be used to bet during final negotiations. Rich Christensen will negotiate each race in a best two-out-of-three run- off with competitors betting at least $500 per race. When the events over, a racer from each ET group will be crowned the PINKS All OUT ET Class Champion!