NOT Pinks All Out® of the pastsomething much Bigger and Better, it’s ALL OUT Live®.


The Worlds First Live and Televised Drag Racing game show

For immediate release, the producer of PINKS ALL OUT® brings you ALL OUT Live®. The ALL OUT style of racing created some of the most exciting competition for grassroots racers. From this style of drag racing we’ve created the worlds largest drag racing game show! NOT Pinks All Out®. Something much Bigger and Better! It’s ALL OUT Live®.

The ALL OUT Live format gives everyone in attendance more chances to participate and win over $20k in cash and prizes! Three ET door car classes insures that racers with similar ET will compete against each other. The format is simple, all racers need to do is "Run All Out" every pass. Our timing expert Ray McNew analyzes two qualifying passes and chooses the 16 finalists from each ET group. Close ET's aren't the only factor in choosing the final group of 16. Consistency and reaction times are factored in as well. Every race is started with an "Instant Green Light" to level the playing field.

Make the Final 16 and your one step closer to Cash & Prizes. But you better be prepared. This is when the competition gets "Hot", literally. Grab your crew and anything you can to cool down your ride because from this point on, it's a "Hot Lap" competition. Each round of racing has exactly 3 minutes to cool down from the time your competitor gets back to the designated staging area. Cool it down and keep running "ALL OUT" and you can Win over $4,500 in Cash and Prizes from our great sponsors.

Remember Racers, you don't have to be the fastest or have the most amount of money to win Big prizes on our show. You just need to Run ALL OUT!




ALL OUT Facts with "Rockin Rob" ALL OUT Live is not the Pinks All Out(r) of the past.... it's something much Bigger & Better. "Rockin Rob" Cherkas spends some time with a goup of long time supporters for a Q&A session.